• As social entreprenur Ergin has a dream, of a world, where everyone have equal opportunities and given chances to live their lives with dignity. Ergin's definition of dignity is, everyone of can decide how, where and in which circumstances they would live our lives, privately and professionally.
    The choices everyone make should build on their own desires and not how people are labeled. You and I are so much more than hair color, skin color, age, gender, religious beliefs, weight, gender identity. Personalities are so much more than the vessile (physical body) we are.
    Ergin has a dream, of a world, where we all have access to glasses with magical powers and when we put on those glasses we possess the superpower of seing beyond the physical being and we have the ability to see each others DRIVE, MOTIVATION and FULL POTENTIAL. I wonder what would happen, in your life, when you decide to put on your magical glasses.

    Here are a brief list of Ergin's involvements;

  • Årets Mångfaldsbragd

    Diversity Achievement Prize is 100 000 SEK and goes annually to a person and/or organisation who, maybe not noticeably, have made a brave effort to promote diversity and inclusion. The prize was established 2015 and delivered annually by Ergin Net AB. By founding an annual prize we wanted to put some extra light on a person and/or organisation.

    Priset Årets Mångfaldsbragd på 100 000 kronor går till en person eller organisation som kanske i det dolda har gjort en modig insats för mångfald och inkludering. Instiftades 2015, priset delas ut varje år av Ergin Net AB. Genom att instifta ett årligt vill vi uppmärksamma dessa insatser. Vi vill att ljuset ska vara på en person eller organisation.

    PartnersMultiMind Bemanning ABNCP No Common People AB

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  • Scholarships

    A part of Ergin's vision of a more inclusive world starts with the next generation. So, starting in 2014, Ergin has sponsored a series of scholarships and awards to provide economic support to young people.

    • Håkan Özdemir Education Fund: Since 2014, one girl a year in Ergin's birth country, Turkey, has received support for her studies. Ergin hope this education will empower young girls and women to pursue their dreams instead of getting married at an early age. This fund runs in co-operation with Türk Egitim Vakfi (TEV).
    • Istanbuls Technical University: Being a proud graduate of ITÜ, Ergin has kept close dialogue with the school to identify and support students to graduate as Petroleum Engineers. Between the years of 2015 and 2016, two students from have received this scholarship.
    • Aydin Üniversity in Istanbul: Studying Information Technology (IT) was very important in Ergin's life. For this reason, he offered an IT scholarship to a student in 2016.
    • Diversity Fellowship: Two founders have received this scholarship in co-operation with the Founder Institute.
  • Lectures (free-of-charge)

    Ergin has given lectures in close co-operation with Trasfer since 2015.

    As of 2018, he is willing to give total of 10 lectures for non-profit organisations and/or schools.

    Simply fill in the contact form and send your motivation and the topic you would like Ergin to focus on.

  • First row on the CV

    Newcomers to Sweden struggle to find a job that is relevant to their education and/or work experience, and in many cases a job at all. The lack of experience in a Swedish workplace and/or organisation is "catch 22" for many newcomers, hence the name "first row on CV" which will hopefully break the "catch 22".

    The average time for a newcomer to find first job could be as high as nine years according to Riskrevisionen and SCB. This compelled Ergin to do something about it. 

    Using his extensive personal and professional network, Ergin has initiated and arranged internships for newcomers with an academical degree. The first initiative was executed in 2015. A second round of internships for 2017-2018 is underway. 

    Read and apply for the internship

  • Connect Space

    Many young people and/or new comers need to establish and widen their network to increase their chances of finding a job and/or new opportunities.

    During the fall of 2016, a number of Connect Space events were arranged in co-operation with NCP No Common People AB.

    Many newcomers and young people have reported securing new jobs via their new network.

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  • brick-by-brick

    Stand-by! Great things will happen here!

    I know you are curious and want to contribute.