• Do you want to increase your organisation's innovation capability and become more profitable? Do you feel ready to embrace diversity and maximise potential?

    Do you need assistance to turn your ideas into actions?

    ADA-workshop is designed to provide you with the necessary toolset for taking concrete steps towards a more inclusive organisation. Upon completing this workshop, you will:

    • Have an increased awareness of how you can identify, use diversity, and gain a competitive advantage.
    • Understand how you can create more value together using cognivtive diversity.
    • Create and maintain common a definition of you vision, KPIs to measure and evaluate.
    • Formulate your own step-by-step activity list to go from ideas to actions.


    ADA is an interactive workshop in three steps for management groups and teams of around 15 individuals. The workshop is based on scientific studies and best practice but always takes into account your organisation's challenges and targets.


    Workshop (step-1): Where do the norms come from and how are they maintained? How do preconceptions and myths affect our behaviour? How could all that lead to disfunctionality in a workplace?


    Workshop (step-2): What do we mean with words like diversity, differences, and inclusion? What is your organisation's vision for diversity in your organisation in the short and long term? How do we measure the progress and effects of our efforts?


    Workshop (step-3): What do I need to STOP doing, START doing, and CHANGE to do it better? How do we prioritise? Which are my and my organisation's first steps towards a more inclusive workplace environment?

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