• You may possibly will identify yourself in some, if not all, of the four behaviors of inclusive leaders. As an employee you may have seen these behaviors at management level. I have tried to dig deep for the answer, “what does a leader do which make employees feel included?”

    I have interviewed people from different industries, in different management positions. I also asked “the man in the mirror” to find the answer for this magical question.

    I have come to an understanding and convinced that it’s the inclusion at a workplace which helpds enterprises to be more profitable. When the employees feel that they are working in an inclusive workplace, theyare more productive, develop better products, create more efficient processes and the result is what any enterprise would like to achieve, profitability, competitive edge and growth.

    Catalyst published the studie”Inclusive Leadership, The view from six countries” which was done in Australia, China, Germany, India, Mexico and USA”.

    In this study teh four leadership behaviors are;

    1. Empowerment Enabling direct reports to develop and excel.
    2. Humility Admitting mistakes. Learning from criticism and different points of view. Acknowledging and seeking contributions of others to overcome one’s limitations.
    3. Courage Putting personal interests aside to achieve what needs to be done. Acting on convictions and principles even when it requires personal risk-taking.
    4. Accountibility Demonstrating confidence in direct reports by holding them responsible for performance they can control.

    It all make sense. That’s how we ourselves would like to be treated by our managers and leaders. That’s how we would like our leaders to create the circumstances so that we feel “unique”. That’s also how we feel “belongingness” with our team (and the rest of the company) and we with pride talk about our workplace and for whom we work.