• It’s been been a while, soon 2 years, since I was in Tanxania, where I met new cuture and very exciting, sometimes mysterious personalities. I also met myself and tested my own limits in my attempt to climb to the top of Kilimanjaro, 5896 masl.

    I had prepared myself and have been training bith mentally and phisycally. Long story short, I did not make it to the top, I was short with a few hundred meters at the end.

    My take from this amazing experience is, every challenge, regardless how big small it may be, require preparations, not only that, it also require discipline and patience.
    Another valuable lesson was, every adventure start with one step and continue with a step at a time. In some parts of the climb it was really tough due to our bodies ability to handle oxygene at high levels.  We all had to think about the way we breath, our pace, our posture and how much water and food we consumed. It was crucial that everything went smooth to handle this kind of challenge at hights.

    I think I see that same pattern with the integration in Sweden. Vi had high ambitions and would like to do a lot. In public debates we often hear that we need to be better at integrating people with differences in to aour workplaces and the society. We need to prepare ourselves for the task. We also need to understand that we should start with one step and continue one step at a time. I was reminded with this notion when I read the McKinsey report Why Diversity Matters.

    In the report it’s clear how differences effect the enterprises’ performance when it comes to product development, productivity and fiscal results. In the report different industries/enterprises in UK, USA, Canada and Latin America was analysed. The authors have found relations amongst gender diversity, etchnical diversity and economical results. I will not go into the details and encourage everyone to take some time and read the report. I am sure ou’ll find both interesting and valuable.
    Jag kommer inte gå in på detaljerna utan uppmuntrar alla ta sig tid och läsa genom denna rapport som ger välbehövlig kunskap som behövs.

    What I would like to point out the 5 important steps when impelementing diversity in your company, (see the picture below)